Mitton hall weddings | Jamie & Gemma

Mitton hall weddings – Jamie & Gemma

The last time I was at Mitton Hall to photograph a wedding it rained allday, well on this glorious good friday it was sunshine- horray. Summer weddings at Mitton Hall are beautiful.

Gemma looked amazing in her stunning dress how could I fail to make her look anything but beautiful. Jamie & Gemma came to us through a chance meeting with one of our ex brides Amanda & Lee’s wedding at Blackpool’s Imperial Hotel, when Lee was decorating Jamie’s house and recommended us – thanks Lee. Mitton Hall Wedding Photography at its best!

Heres the day as it unfolded and some great moments Debbie & myself captured. We started at 11.30am -with Gemma getting ready in the oak rooms upstairs to the 1st dance in the newly renovated breakfast suite.

The DetailsMitton hall weddings

The Ceremony & Reception was held at: Mitton Hall, Whalley, near Clitheroe
Rings supplied by Goldsmiths, Blackpool
Cake made by Crumbs, Clitheroe
Hair by Karl at Athena Hairdressers, Blackpool
Dress by Maggie Sottero
Shoes by New Look
Flowers by Sonje at weddings by Alexandra Jones
Make up by Sarah Berry – an old school friend!

The Wedding Story

What made you choose Mitton Hall as your Wedding Venue?
Beautiful venue and couldn’t look at another place!

Your First Dance choice was?
Ellie Goulding – How long will I love you. Sang by Jamie’s sister Nikky Hatton

How did Jamie prospose to you?
On holiday in India after my afternoon at the spa and Jamie’s afternoon in the pub!
He went and collected my engagement ring he designed the previous week in this time to! Let’s just say it wasn’t the most romantic proposal you would have heard!

Where are you planning your Honeymoon?
A fly drive in Florida

Best part of your wedding day?
All of it! We had the most beautiful weather and it probably just made the day even more perfect!

For Brides to be (B2B) reading this what would you tell them?
It probably sounds a little bit repetitive as everyone says it but enjoy every moment as it goes so quickly. Also if you haven’t got someone to film it I would highly recommend it as there are lots of things you forget throughout the day, not just because of the amount of champagne you drink!

Would you do anything differently?
Probably have my hair done a little earlier as it was a massive rush when I got to Mitton Hall and my poor chief bridesmaid had to dress me, put all the buttonholes on the groomsmen as well as get ready herself all in the space of an hour!

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