gordon mcgowan training

A days training with Gordon McGowan Wedding Photographer in Lancaster

Gordon McGowan & The MPA North West Region organised a great days training with Gordon McGowan who 15-20 years ago came 2nd on a regular basis to UK Legend Keith Thompson.

Unfortunately for us Gordon is now a judge

At Lancaster House Hotel Gordon took us through some of his beautifull images wedding & fashion, thankfully Id remembered to bring with me my camera and a model called Michela Scott from Stockport did the modelling.

Here’s a few images Gordon set up and lit by his assistant, we shot over his shoulder.
All images shot with my Canon 5D at 2.8 Im sure Gordon managed better images however.





All PhotoShopped by Martin Crombie

Gordon’s passion for¬†thinking outside the box (not copying what others have done) was an eye opener.
I couldn’t believe how quickly the day went listening to Gordon both in the field and inside.
A Fellow who throughly deserves his credentials and more besides.


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