netherwood hotel wedding photographers

Netherwood Hotel Wedding – Alison Thorpe & Dan Needham

Netherwood Hotel Wedding

I was given a brief – something a bit unusual/Rock ‘n’ Rolla style, please. Oh, I thought ‘music to my ears’
The venue was The Netherwood Hotel  The dark wood panelling was an interesting factor and the old grandfather clock. Alison made life very easy for me, she had a clear idea of what she wanted me to capture – not a lot of starting into cameras all day.
When a bride has her hair down I think, certainly in Alison’s case is an excellent move. Her beautiful dark hair really jumps out and reminds me of fairytale stuff – i.e ‘Rapunzel’.
Sometimes it just clicks for me & this day was one of them. Both Dan & Alison were a joy to photograph and presented something unique for each photograph I took. Quiet and unassuming people tend to bring out the best in me. Photographing brash Londoners would have me in fits. I brought some ideas on the mobile, sometimes they work sometimes not, but on the whole, we got a great spread of imagery natural, creative, avant-garde 🙂
The weather was beautiful the following day was heavy rain so these guys had the fortune of the gods looking over them. These are some of my favs from Dan & Alison’s wedding day.

NetherwoodHotel wedding photographers

The church was St.Johns, Levens, Levens Village on the way to Newby Bridge (on the top of a hill), South Lakes










Netherwood Hotel Wedding












There are many photographers who I admire. I try to store shots in my head when similiar situations arise. I’m not a lighting man as my work will show 2.8 lens 1600asa is standard for me. I have never understood the concept of setting up lighting only , doesnt the b&g get bored waiting for the whole process to finish? Ideas first, get the shot with a minimum fuss, and if necessary resuce it later in PhotoShop. (Not as often these days)

Capturing what everyone else has done or is doing mainstream within weddings isnt what Im about. Love themed weddings, where I can grasp the idea of it and take it in a certain direction.
My Lowell Ilight will be used more next year I love the little pools of light (blues/yellows) it makes.

The above images are just a selection of the images I like. some day all weddings will be made this way 🙂

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  1. Lovin’ the arty avant garde stuff Martin – a break from your norm but that’s what makes us artists – constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity. Had you had a few champagnes before taking some of these?

  2. Thanks Liam,
    Ha, ha no such luck on the Champers. Didnt even have a lager that day.
    I had some ideas gathered up on my mobile I wanted to have a crack at, and did some crazy groups shots with no plan whatsoever, often a good combination.
    My next crazy idea is to go to ‘gay Paris’ mate and do some Yervant stuff hire a few models what you reckon for the day/ night Lowell style?

  3. Yeah some street photography in Paris would be cool, its an amazing city and very atmospheric – I’d like to do some really grainy, haunting, bw bridal stuff. Good luck for Sunday, could you do me a favour and text me if I win Fine Art (unlikely but you never know!) 07889649362

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