Danielle & Emmerson Langdale chase wedding

Danielle & Emmerson Langdale chase wedding

Danielle & Emmerson’s summer wedding Langdale Chase wedding photography was beautiful. The bride & Groom from Lancaster had a civil wedding at The Langdale Chase Hotel in the beautiful Lake District. Danielle looked incredible in her beautiful wedding dress it had such lovely details – in every photograph a new ‘look’ appeared. During the speeches Emmerson stood up & had prepared a beautiful poem for his wife Danielle lasting well over 5 minutes. It had clearly taken a lot of time for him to prepare as it was very well written and I’m sure those 5 minutes will stay with Danielle forever.

All the guests were treated in the evening to a Lake District boat trip everyone had so much fun at this wedding.On the lake steamer Danielle had a band playing where she boogied with her fun friends and everyone watched the sunset over the water, a very romantic way to round off the evenings pleasure on the mighty lake. There was more dancing at The Chase from 9.30pm.


Langdale chase wedding photography

This has to be one of the most popular wedding venues in the lake district although it has a small carpark (2010) they have recently extended their premises and can now accommodate more guests in the new buildings a short distance away from the main hotel itself.

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