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I am a Lancaster Wedding Photographer and have photographed beautiful weddings in the wider Greater Manchester area, Lake District and further afield.


I have been providing professional Lancaster wedding photographer services for the last 15 years and have been fortunate enough to photograph clients’ weddings in some of my favorite Lancashire wedding venues. Lancashire Wedding Photographers are many but most provide very similar services natural wedding photography whereas I am regarded as having an avant garde/ quirky approach first an unusual twist to select images worthy of hanging on the wall as art pieces.


Should you require two wedding photographers, myself and my partner Debbie can provide a bespoke wedding to your requirements. Or, you might prefer just myself for your large or more intimate church wedding.


I was one of the first Lancaster wedding photographers when I began in 2002, now there are now countless ‘start -ups’ in the field. You would need to be sure that they have the necessary skills to provide a comprehensive wedding photography services to meet your requirements – should you decide to hire one of these. I am also a recommended Midland Hotel wedding photographer by the parent company that owns it: the English lakes hotel group.



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An award winner

I have won countless SWPP wedding awards which reflect my professionalism as an avant-garde wedding photographer; these awards highlight our style unique amongst other wedding photographers.

My approach is very different to the vast majority of wedding photographers. I really do try hard to provide you with images that look a bit different, unusual and quirky! I have been nominated twice as UK Avant-Garde Photographer of the Year with the SWPP. Some of my inspirations for my UK photography awards have come from painters like Magritte, Dali & Bacon. I am aiming one year to win the title – hopefully!


I am always looking for something a bit unusual at every wedding I attend; to help make this happen I will visit the venue at least once before the wedding to research elements – such as existing lighting, art work and interior designs. Ultimately I try not to have you just looking at the camera holding hands – which of course what most wedding photographers do.


I use up to date camera and lighting technology, not just relying on ‘available light’ but utilising other skill sets to add variation: such as electronic flash in soft boxes & lighting stands.This may involve spending some time with just the bride & groom, perhaps at a location just away from the venue itself.


As an example – architectural venues, such as Manchester Town Hall, have wonderful designs from the neo-gothic era; using this as my photographic backdrop aids impact and makes for brilliant imagery. Having wedding images incorporating artistic variation is important. I have also covered vintage themed weddings.


We are also Lake District wedding photographers and have successfully covered venues both small – like The Samling, The Merewood, and Cragwood hotels and larger venues like The Low Wood Bay and The Langdale Chase hotels in and around Windermere, south lakes. The proximity to Lake Windermere itself makes these venues appealing to brides getting married, mainly for the easy access to the lakeside to arrange posed wedding photography and perhaps a boat ride.







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We are available to cover weddings throughout the North West of England